Hot Wheels!

Hello Everyone! This is Medo and I am back again with a new topic that I think almost everyone is interested in…

According to the title you would think that I will be talking about the hot wheels toys, but NO! I am going to show you real hot wheels that run around Tokyo!

I have always had an interest in cars, motor bikes and even trucks! and in Tokyo there are a lot of New and Classic cars which I have not seen anywhere else!

Just like a beast!
future cars should look again like this!
I have no Idea what brand this car is, most probably it’s an American one
This Land cruiser is still considered one of the toughest cars of all time in the Middle east, I was amazed to see one that is still in this new condition!

Now I shall show you what we can do to vehicles to promote your business in the most creative way possible!

Netflix on a Truck!

Be it Trucks, Buses, Cars…etc We do it all!
Just ask us!

We even have London Bus roaming the streets and here are some of the London Buses …

I have not even scratched the surface with what I have shared with you today there is still more of what we can do! So whatever that you require to grow your business, we are ready to do it for you!

That’s it for this week, see you again next Friday.

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