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This website is operated and managed by Kesion Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). Before using this website, please read and agree to the following site policy. In addition, please note that if you use this service, you agree to all of the following conditions. Please note that we may change the content of the site policy without prior notice. Please note that if you use the site after changing the site policy, you agree to all the conditions after the change.


Links to this website are free in principle. However, the following links are strictly prohibited.

  1. Links from sites that contain content that slanders the Company or damages credit or economic interests.
  2. Links from sites that contain content that violates laws and regulations, ordinances and rules, or public order and morals.
  3. Links from sites that post "illegal content, or have or may have been involved in illegal activities".
  4. A link whose content is unknown from this site, such as by incorporating the site into a part of the frame.

How to set a link
The URL set as the link destination is, in principle, the top page of this website( We refuse to set any other lower-level pages as destinations. The link name should be the official name "Kesion Co. Ltd".

Links from this website to third-party sites
This website may link to sites of third parties other than our company. Please note that we are not responsible for the content and security of the linked content.


We do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, certainty, security, or any other content of all content posted on this website. The Company shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the information posted on this website. In addition, the Company shall not be liable for any damages that may occur to third parties due to the user's use of this website or failure to use it.


All or part of the contents in all forms, such as articles, photographs, tables, drawings, etc., posted on this website is protected by various laws such as copyright and moral rights and neighboring rights. The contents such as texts, images and videos posted on this website cannot be copied or reprinted for any purpose other than private use stipulated in Article 30 of the Copyright Act. However, if conditions are individually presented on this website, those conditions shall take precedence.


All rights concerning trademarks, logos and trade names appearing on this website belong to the Company or its respective owners. Use of these without the Company's permission is prohibited by the Trademark Law, etc., except where permitted by the Trademark Law and other laws, so please contact us in advance and obtain permission.

Ideas and propositions

We do not accept proposals from customers regarding new products and services, etc., unless we have announced that we will recruit them to the public.
Regardless of the above, the handling of proposals received from customers is as follows.

  • We have no obligation to review, evaluate and adopt any proposal.
  • We have no obligation or responsibility for confidentiality regarding any proposal.
  • Even if our products, services and ideas are similar to all or part of any proposal, we will not be responsible for any payment or other liability to any proposer.

Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The interpretation and operation of this website and site policy are governed by the laws of Japan.
Disputes arising out of this website and site policy shall be governed exclusively by the Tokyo Summary Court and the Tokyo District Court.

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